Travel merchant account



Solutions for Travel, Tour
& Timeshare Industries

A travel merchant account in real-time with our fraud and chargeback prevention platform.  Leverage our comprehensive analytics and reporting to take preemptive action against chargebacks and win back lost revenue.

Solving the Pain of Payment Processing

Most travel agents and tour agencies spend a majority of their time trying to understand the needs of their customers.  That clarity allows them to use their specialized knowledge about travel options to create a strategic travel plan that aligns with the budget and needs of their customers.

SMB Global works in a similar manner.  We understand that the travel industry is classified as the dreaded “high risk” category and payment solutions are hard to come by.  Travel agencies must take payments in advance, which opens them up to high chargeback ratios and other payment disputes.  You may not be able to control changes in travel plans and unforeseen cancellations, but you can control who you choose to help you navigate your payments.

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All the Benefits, None of the Hassle

Unlimited Volume

For travel businesses with a clean processing history, SMB can get you approved for the volume you need to keep your business running.

No Reserves

If your business is established in the travel industry, avoid the hassle and inconvenience of rolling reserves and keep 100% of the volume you process.

Fair, Competitive Pricing

Don’t let other high risk processors take advantage of your lack of options.  SMB Global guarantees the fairest, most transparent rates in the industry.

Relax – We Make the Process Easy

So, you’ve determined that you meet all the qualifications for a travel merchant account, but what does that mean? At SMB Global, all we require to take the next step is a painless, 10-minute application and the following information:

  • A valid, government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport
  • A bank letter or a pre-printed voided check
  • A secure, fully-operational website
  • Chargeback ratio below 2%
  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization
  • Three months of the most recent bank statements
  • Three months of the most recent processing statements, if applicable
  • SSN (Social Security Number) or EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  • Copy of customer contracts

The Pitfalls Merchants Face with
High Risk Credit Card Processing

The world of high risk credit card processing can be complicated and creates a lot of hoops to jump through. Learn how finding the right payments partner can make the process of securing a merchant account much easier for your business.

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How a High Risk Merchant Processor
Works with Hard-To-Place Businesses

When searching for the right high risk merchant processor to partner with, it’s important to make sure they’re equipped to manage your merchant account. Learn more about the high risk payments world to help you narrow your search.

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