Chargeback Prevention



Manage Chargebacks
and Fight Fraud.

Monitor your high risk merchant account in real-time with our fraud and chargeback prevention platform.  Leverage our comprehensive analytics and reporting to take preemptive action against chargebacks and win back lost revenue.

Key Features

Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

We use patented technology to display your chargeback counts and ratios in real-time. Forecast your month-end results in advance with our predictive algorithms and use different metrics to trace any issues.

Chargeback Representment

Fight each type of chargeback with our uniquely optimized process.  The entire representment system is automated to instantly rebut chargebacks with pinpoint accuracy, allowing us to do the heavy lifting.

CRM & Processor Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your CRM and high risk processors using our proprietary technology.  Our platform downloads your chargeback notifications and syncs them with their original orders.

Unlimited Merchant Accounts

Combine and configure unlimited merchant accounts into one online portal. Access all the information needed to manage all of your high risk merchant accounts with a single login.

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Chargeback Prevention and Alerts the Way You Want

Customize your notifications to email you and display on the dashboard when your high risk merchant account is reaching its limits. Pick the parameters and time period to measure so you are alerted the second your threshold is met.

Customize Your Alerts

Get notified for approaching thresholds, chargeback count ratios, volume ratios and multiple other metrics.

Stay Updated

Apply notifications to a single merchant account, specifc groups or across your entire portfolio.

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A Truly Intelligent Platform

Take control of your chargebacks and maintain a healthy, high risk merchant account with our chargeback and fraud technology platform.  With real-time monitoring of your merchant account, business-friendly analytics, and unmatched reporting, you save valuable time so you can focus on growing your business.

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The Most In-Depth
Chargeback Prevention Platform

Breakdown chargeback reports by any of these categories or any other metric which is important to your business.


Trace your chargebacks back to an individual affiliate or traffic source to stop them in their tracks.

Reason Code

Prevent chargebacks by monitoring various reason code trends and what each of them mean.

Subscription Cycle

If you offer subscriptions or recurring billing, our platform helps you pinpoint which cycles generate the most chargebacks and why.

Price Point

Take an in-depth look at all your price points and better understand which prices trigger the most chargebacks.

Product Type

If you have multiple types of products and SKUs, investigate which ones cause chargeback issues and why.


If you are launching into a new global market you can monitor trends and compare data by countries or regions.

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Increase Your Revenue By Reducing Risk

Our intelligent risk management software provides your business multiple levels of fraud and chargeback prevention.  With intelligent automation and centralized data and reporting, we help high risk business owners make data-driven decisions to minimize their risk across all phase of the transaction process.


Identify and deflect friendly fraud with our industry-leading negative database.


Get ahead by preventing chargebacks and solving any issues before they occur.


Manage chargebacks via our fully-compliant representments and standardized best practices.